Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ordering Your Life

Recently, Joyce Meyer gave us some powerful tips on how to order our lives. We thought we would share these with you:

  • If you’re going to live the right way, you have to do it on purpose
    • Spending time with God MUST be part of your lifestyle
    • Treating people right MUST be part of your lifestyle
    • Being patient with people MUST be part of your lifestyle
  • Patience is a fruit that only grows under trial When you are in a hurry and someone is slow, you grow
  • Don’t wait for a platform – wait for a ministry And your ministry is everywhere you look: showing the fruit that Jesus showed while He was here
    • Be friendly to sinners
    • Affect them but don’t let them infect you
  • Be smart enough to examine your fruits and see if we don’t have what we want because of what we are or aren’t doing
  • Psalm 37:5 – commit your way to the Lord and trust Him to bring everything to pass
  • Stop giving somebody else the responsibility for your personal joy
  • Give up the lower-life so you can have the higher-life
  • What God says may not make sense to your mind but it should feel good in your heart
  • Forgive your enemies. Bless those who curse and abuse you. This shows that you are a child of your Father in heaven.
  • Whatever you want, give some of it FIRST, and THEN you can have it Not just by praying for it. Give some of it away first. You reap what you sow!
    • Need money? Tithe
    • If you are lonely, be a friend
    • If you need help, help somebody
    • If you need prayer, pray for people
    • If you need mercy, start being merciful
  • You can have whatever God says you can have – if you sow what you want to reap
  • The Christian life is an exciting life!
  • Determine to beat the devil simply by doing what God tells you to do.

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