Sunday, May 27, 2007

Two New Audio Teaching Resources

The Powerhouse Ministry has released two new audio teaching resources.

“The Fast” looks at fasting from the perspective that it is not simply spiritual weight loss. In fact, it could be more important to keep things from coming out of your mouth than to keep things from going in.

“Power” explores Lord’s promise of power and authority over all the works of satan. We take a peek at the Biblical Greek to understand exactly what this power and authority is all about.

The Lord gives us POWER AND AUTHORITY over satan and all his powers of darkness. Jesus promises that nothing shall by any means hurt us. This teaching explores the power and authority that Jesus gives us over all of the work of satan, our enemy.

satan should not be on your track, trying to hold you back. The devil should be under your feet! Listen to this powerful teaching to understand how to excersize God's power in your life today!

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The Fast

Fasting is not just about what goes in your mouth... Fasting also has to do with what comes out of your mouth! Fasting is not the most popular subject because people don't like to miss meals. But the key to fasting is not necessarily turning down your plate.

In some instances, the fast may mean turning down a shopping trip... or even turning down the opportunity to open your mouth and speak. When the Jews confess their sins during Yom Kippur, over 25% of the sins confessed have to do with the tongue. If you want to learn about the acceptable fast that the Lord desires, then you need to hear this powerful teaching.

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