Monday, May 7, 2007

Children's Show Teaches Hate and Advocates Suicide Bombing

Once again, we see sad and shocking proof that satan is out to destroy the youth of this generation. You may remember when we shared the news story featuring the 12-year-old boy labeled the “junior jihadist.” This youngster was encouraged to execute an “infidel” by sawing off his head.

Now, we see an even more insidious plot that is poisoning the minds of possibly millions of young innocent children. This is being done through a Palestinian children’s program called “Tomorrow’s Pioneers.” This show features a young girl named Saraa who makes deadly proclamations from behind a podium while a Mickey Mouse look- and sound-alike named Farfur adds emphasis.

At an age where young children should be learning their ABC’s and their 123’s, they are being taught hatred and to embrace martyrdom as a suicide bomber.

Don’t believe it? View the video (embedded on the right) for samples from this series.

More details about Farfur and his sidekick, a young child named Saraa, can be found at World Net Daily.

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