Friday, June 22, 2007

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Who Is Like You - Mac Powell
By His Wounds - Mac Powell
Son Of God - Starfield

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Who Is Like You with Mac Powell, Tim Neufeld and the Glory Revealed Team

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Who Is Like You - Glory Revealed
Son Of God - Starfield
By His Wounds - Glory Revealed
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Glory Revealed Through Deliverance

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Do you play guitar competently but want to get beyond the plateau your playing has reached?

The Musicademy Worship Guitar tuition courses contain a whole years' worth of worship guitar teaching on DVD plus advice and guest lessons from some of the best known worship leaders in the world. Suitable for both acoustic and electric guitar.

A highly practical step by step guitar tuition course from Musicademy's Andy Chamberlain. Three Beginners and three Intermediate DVDs. Each DVD is 2 hours long and includes daily practice backing tracks and drum grooves to turn your new found knowledge into ingrained skills. All taught with contemporary worship songs that you can use straight away to enhance your worship, and those you worship with.

Below are the 2 different box sets that are available...

Beginner - suitable for complete beginners through to relatively confident players. Lots of different songs, techniques, strumming patterns etc. Learn more and watch a preview video!

Intermediate - for confident existing players, probably already leading worship in a church setting, able to play along with most worship songs, keeping in time and making chord changes, comfortable with open and bar chords and strumming in time. This DVD will help those who have reached a threshold in their playing and what to develop new techniques. Learn more and watch a preview video!

There are stories in the Bible that are so complex, yet they're so simple in message. Stories that from beginning to end reveal a certain truth over and over again. Nowhere is that more evident than in the story of Moses as found in the book of Exodus.

In Moses's life, we see the fingerprints of God on every page. We see God delivering Moses as an infant, as a boy, as a teen, as a man, and even on his deathbed. His story is more about a faithful God than about a favored servant. As we look at this familiar text, let's read it with a magnifying glass, looking for the fingerprints of God. They will be hard to miss.

The second book of the Bible, the book of Exodus, is really the coming-of-age story of both the nation of Israel and also God's relationship with his people. It's a backdrop for the story of God's deliverance of...more

If the Word of God is more powerful than the pen of man, who better to help write our worship songs? Who better to reveal God's glory to us than God himself?

This central premise, coupled with the fertile soil of friendship between Mac Powell (Third Day) and speaker/author/minister David Nasser, gave birth to Glory Revealed, a new multi-artist worship project taking lyrics directly from scripture.

“The glory of the Lord is best revealed in His Word,” David Nasser passionately explains, “When we begin to dig into the truth that is found in the pages of the bible, we will begin to see His glory revealed.” More...

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