Thursday, June 14, 2007

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All We Need - Charlie Hall
Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall
Holy Is The Lord - Chris Tomlin & Louie Giglio

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All We Need with Charlie Hall

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All We Need - Charlie Hall
Your Glory Endure Forever - Charlie Hall
Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall
Holy Is The Lord - Chris Tomlin

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Deeper In Love by Charlie Hall

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Thoughts On Leading Worship from Charlie Hall

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Charlie Hall

We caught up with Charlie Hall recently to tape some New Song Cafe webisodes for many of the great songs on his last CD, Flying Into Daybreak. "All We Need", this week’s New Song Cafe, is the first to be released to you and we’re very excited for you to see it. This song has made quite an impact over the past year at Passion Conferences and churches around the world. You may have even heard it on your local Christian radio station recently!

Join us as we watch Charlie teach this great song that reminds us that “All We Need” is in Christ!

Steeped in community, as Worship Pastor at Bridgeway Community in Oklahoma City - Charlie Hall has crafted songs from his journey, his churches journey that will resonate with the questions of your soul. Songs that the church is sure to embrace but also personal statements and anthems of walking in light, to see the world as a bigger and better place. Flying Into Daybreak is the following up to On the Road To Beautiful and a welcomed conversation in the world of modern worship. More..

From Charlie Hall
Of course we know, and have been hearing for a while now, worship is not just the songs we sing. It is a life laid down that says “burn me up God. Use my money, time, energy, skills, family, job, all I have. Help me make you a big deal and pull the attention on you.” Songs are one vehicle that helps a group of worshippers do this. These songs come along and they inspire, remind, and punctuate the life of a Jesus seeker. This being said, the goal of worship is not to just to sing songs. The goal is Jesus, to peel back the beautiful curtain of “the song” and see the one the song is about. Music, songs, art, are vehicles to pull back the curtain. They reveal Him. When we gather around meeting with God, we can know He is there. But simply knowing He is there and treating Him as the centerpiece of the room is different. We should pull Him to the center of the room and let everyone look on Him and say the most beautiful things that can flow fro m our hearts. That is how I approach leading. More...

This songbook includes Piano/Vocal/Guitar Sheet Music, Lyric Chord Charts and Overhead Masters for every song on Tim’s new album Holding Nothing Back.

If there’s a single word that aptly captures what Tim Hughes has been about—where his heart’s been over the last three years leading up to his latest album, Holding Nothing Back—there’s no better touchstone than passion. The emotion runs deep through the 11 new worship songs Hughes has composed this time out; it infiltrates the instruments, washes over his voice, fills the very room. And on the surface of things, those are more than enough reasons why Holding Nothing Back is full of great new songs you can immediately use in your worship services. More...

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