Friday, June 15, 2007

Do You Want to Heal?

Do we really want to heal from the things we have been through, or are we just going through the motions, SAYING that we want to. For instance, if someone does you wrong, do you continually bring it up in conversation and “gossip” about how bad that person is, with details of what they have done to you? Do you secretly wish “mass destruction” on there circumstances, and even pray for it to happen? Well, if you do, sounds like you’re a little bitter, hurt and angry. You can say you are not, and that you are just trying to “protect” the other person/people from being “hurt” by them. But let’s be real, you are really trying to justify your hurt feelings and pride.

That’s why I love the story of Joseph in the bible. He was hated by his brothers, sold into slavery, THEN put in a prominent position (second in command next to Pharaoh) to actually judge his brothers and punish them. But, instead of that, he chose to forgive them and bless them. That’s right, even though they wanted to kill him; he forgave them, and even took care of them! He really understood the mercy of our God, because he chose not to be bitter, angry, upset, NO MATTER WHAT THEY DID TO HIM. It is very amazing to note something that Joseph said, “YOU INTENDED TO HARM ME, BUT GOD INTENDED IT ALL FOR GOOD. HE BROUGHT ME TO THIS POSITION SO I COULD SAVE THE LIVES OF MANY PEOPLE” (Genesis 50:20).

Also what was truly amazing, his family had to come to him to buy grain because there was a 7 year famine in the land. THEY WOULD HAVE STARVED! So if they had not sold Joseph into slavery, he would have never had been in the high position to help them. That is awesome people! We can take our pain and use it to help the very people that have done us wrong! WOW.

So, what’s your Egypt story? Do you have someone in your life that you are “mad” at, or someone that is brought up in conversation that you have NOTHING nice to say about? Well, then, it sounds like you have unforgiveness in your heart. Even if they really did you wrong and never apologized, as backward as it sounds, you need to forgive them. You know why? Because more than likely they don’t care what they’ve done to you, and are probably off having a good time anyway. Meanwhile, you’re sitting there, sulking wishing something “bad” would happen to them. Trust me, I know this scenario, I have had people in the world that have done me wrong, and yes even in the church! People keep asking me how I healed from this entire trauma. I tell them JESUS. If He could forgive all my wicked sins, then how couldn’t I forgive others? You have to remember that HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE...they are only doing wrong to you because they have had wrong done to them. So let’s rise up and be different, BREAK THE CHAIN OF BONDAGE. Just think of what would have happened to me if I had NOT forgiven ALL the terrible things done to me while I was a prostitute, stripper, and addict. I would not be able to help ANYONE else, because I wasn’t helping MYSELF, by letting it go. So I forgave them, ALL of them. You have to just let go, and let God. You do yourself a favor when you do this.

When you don’t forgive, it causes many physical problems, as well as mental. HARBORING UNFORGIVENESS IS LIKE DRINKING POISON AND HOPING YOUR ENEMY WILL DIE. People have been known to develop cancer, asthma, social anxiety, bi-polar disorder, depression, ulcers, obesity, addictions (drugs, alcohol) just to name a few. It’s called TOXIC EMOTIONS people!! And it is satan’s trick--so you get your mind off God. So let’s be healthy and forgive those people that have done us wrong. It doesn’t matter what happened and when it happened, or who did it to you-- it just matters to God that your heart is right. God will repay every wrong done with a two-fold recompense. Forgive them!!! Sure, you won’t “feel” like it at first, but if you get real with God and tell him how you feel, even if it is the truth--He will honor you. He will change your heart by you making the choice to do so. Just be patient, and soon you will feel joy immeasurable, because you have been released from the UNFORGIVENESS PRISON! I know, I had to do this, and it has changed my life so much, I can’t even remember the old “Annie”. She’s dead!

It’s time to get out of Egypt, people. Stop letting the devil lie to you by telling you that you need to get even first.

Forgiveness will HEAL YOU inside and out, make your walk with God grow, give you peace of mind, give you unspeakable joy--I promise. THEN you will be able to go on with what God REALLY wants you to do--HELP OTHERS! Then we can all change the world!!!

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