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Presidential Prayer Team Update

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July 29, 2010

Dear Prayer Member,
Coming Soon ... A great new exciting prayer tool!

Imagine a great number of Christians -- like yourself -- being able to receive daily news and informational briefings as they occur within our nation. Now imagine that same group bringing those concerns before the Throne of Heaven!

Introducing ... PRAYER BRIEFINGS ... "Prayer resources at the speed of a click" 

Since our inception in 2001, PPT has led the nation in utilizing email to mobilize Christians to pray. Now, and in response to suggestions from some of our Prayer Team members, we are embarking on a 24/7 news watch with reporting directly to you.

News sources will include our own Prayer Team's connections with more than 40 national and worldwide news services, and a direct feed from The White House and other Washington D.C. newsmakers.
James 5:16b reminds us, "The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working." And we know that change happens when people pray!

Our anticipated start is mid-August. The PRAYER BRIEFINGS will be added to our popular Vantage Point daily devotional and automatically delivered early each morning. So, if you not already a Vantage Point subscriber and you'd like the PRAYER BRIEFINGS - sign up today - It's FREE.


Please tell your friends, prayer circles and church leadership that 24/7 PRAYER BRIEFINGS is coming soon!

America stands tallest -- when it is on its knees!
The Presidential Prayer Team 


Failure of the Will

Family With Flag
Low evangelical voter turnout helps to undermine traditional values

by Jim Ray

Americans have never voted in favor of gay marriage. Whenever the issue has been placed in the hands of voters -- as it has in no less than 30 different states -- it has been rejected by the American people.

How is it, then, that gay marriage is legal in five states and now also in the District of Columbia? The answer is a study in chicanery, political manipulation and, most significantly, a failure of the will of evangelical Christians who subscribe to the biblical model of marriage consisting of one man and one woman.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have long recognized there is more than one way to effect change. Take the recent health care overhaul ... Opinion

Armed Forces Prayer Focus

Conrad Whyne
Thomas A. Ferguson, Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.
Ferguson is responsible for exercise planning policy and strategic oversight over the Department of Defense intelligence and counterintelligence and security policyExecutive Branch.

Executive Prayer Focus

Mary L. Schapiro
Mary L. Schapiro, Chairperson of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Schapiro has instituted rulemakings aimed at reforming the structure of the markets for securities trading.Executive Branch

Legislative Prayer Focus

John Barrasso
Zoe Lofgren, U. S. House of Representatives, California

Rep. Lofgren is currently the chair of her party's Congressional Delegation. She serves on the Judiciary Committee, and is the chair of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security and International Law.Legislative Branch

Judicial Prayer Focus

Judge John M. Roll
Judge John G. Heyburn, II, Chairman, U.S. Judicial Panel for Multidistrict Litigation
A panel of seven federal judges, chaired by Judge John Heyburn II, will decide who will oversee lawsuits against BP, Transocean and others, related to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico . 
Judicial Branch 


Public Notice?

Exploring the question of public vs. private prayer

by Travis Koop

A group of Arizona high school students from Wickenberg Christian Academy were touring the nation's capital in May when they stopped to pray on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court building.

It was there that they, along with their teacher, were confronted by a Court police officer who told them to move off of the steps to continue their prayers. He cited statute 40 U.S.C. §6135 which reads: It is unlawful to parade, stand, or move in processions or assemblages in the Supreme Court Building or grounds, or to display in the Building and grounds a flag, banner, or device designed or adapted to bring into public notice a party, organization, or movement. The group then moved to the sidewalk to continue their intercessions.
Judicial Branch 

Our Godly Heritage

“ ... By Means of the Bible”
What you don't know about Dr. Benjamin Rush

The Bible
by Adam Colwell

When he died at his home in Philadelphia at the age of 68, Dr. Benjamin Rush was the most celebrated physician in America. He was also remembered as a social activist, a champion of public medical clinics to treat the poor, and a fierce advocate for the abolition of slavery.

Yet what you perhaps don't know about Dr. Benjamin Rush is that he was not only one of the nation's greatest patriots ... but a Christian who was bold about expressing his faith in God -- and his belief about the Bible's needed place in America.  

Pray for President Obama and Administration

President Obama acknowledged that he is concerned about the "substantial" leak of more than 91,000 sensitive documents, and gave reassurance that "the information doesn't reveal any issues" that aren't already available.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced that eighteen states and the District of Columbia are in the second round of the "Race to the Top" competition for federal stimulus funds to help schools overhaul their systems.
Pray for President Obama and Secretary Duncan this week

Pray for Congressional Leaders

Rep. Linda Sanchez (California) has introduced legislation to expand the wage protections of home care workers, previously exempted from the minimum wage and overtime protections granted to the rest of the nation's work force.

Both Congressional bodies have passed the nearly $59 billion emergency war funding bill, the bulk of which will go toward the U.S. troop buildup in Afghanistan.

Pray as our Representatives and Senators draft, discuss and deliberate over legislation.

Pray for Judicial Needs

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton (Arizona) granted an injunction preventing Arizona from enforcing key provisions of a controversial immigration law, stating "the law should be put on hold until the courts study and rule on the law."

A federal judge has ruled that Augusta State University, Georgia, may remove a Christian student from its graduate counseling program for her belief that homosexuality is morally wrong.
Pray for our judges across this nation to seek wisdom from the Lord.

Pray for Current Events

Following the leak of the thousands of documents on the Afghan war, analysts in the region are debating whether the U.S.-Pakistani relationship will suffer a setback, particularly with the Pakistani's spy services.
Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, met in Baghdad with Iraq's leaders to press for a resolution to their political impasse; the Iraqi Parliament having already postponed or cancelled sessions.

Pray about the war and peace efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sen. Robert Menendez (New Jersey) has postponed a hearing on the release of the Lockerbie bomber because of what he described as stonewalling by the British and Scottish governments.

A blue-ribbon coalition of European Union lawyers and human rights activists have demanded that Iranian leaders be brought before the International Court of Justice for incitement to genocide and brutal repression of its own citizens.

Pray against the evil source of terrorism in all its forms and wherever it exists.

The outlook for the U.S. economy remains mixed, according to the Federal Reserve's most recent survey. Overall U.S. economic activity is increasing but not robustly and in a few districts has lost steam over the past several weeks.

American's confidence in the economy eroded further in July amid worries about a job market that has proven stubbornly stagnant. The report raised concerns about the economy not improving during the back-to-school season.

Pray about the state of the national economy and all who are suffering under the prolonged recession.

A top security official in Gaza is considering setting up a bigger military force, first with volunteers and eventually with a mandatory draft, aimed at further tightening Hamas' control of Gaza.

Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Jordan's King Abdullah to try to encourage his efforts to persuade the Palestinians to resume direct peace talks, although the Palestine's chief negotiator and U.S. envoy reject the idea.

Pray for peace in Israel.

A growing body of scientific evidence points to the long-lasting effects of maternal nurturing while children are young, finding that "warmth and closeness" fend off alcoholism, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

A gel being developed in France can help decayed teeth grow back in just weeks -- possibly putting an end to fillings. The gel works by prompting healthy tooth tissue cells to multiply, gradually replacing what has been lost to decay.

Pray for those chemists, scientists and psychologists who strive to improve the health of all.

Presidential Quote of the Week

Theodore Roosevelt
Warren G. Harding (1865-1923), 29th President of the United States

"I accept my part with single-mindedness of purpose and humility of spirit, and implore the favor and guidance of God in His Heaven. With these I am unafraid, and confidently face the future. I have taken the solemn oath of office on that passage of Holy Writ wherein it is asked: "What doth the Lord require of thee but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God." 
- From Harding's Inaugural Address

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