Sunday, May 10, 2009

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Sweet Sweet Sound New Song Cafe

Sweet Sweet Sound

This song from new worship leader Sarah Reeves helps to remind us that our worship is more than just the songs that we sing on Sunday mornings - it truly is a lifestyle. Learn how to play the song in this week's New Song Cafe and then download Free Sheet Music for "Sweet Sweet Sound."

Sarah Reeves Sweet Sweet sound CD

New CD: 7 Songs for $5

With zealous faith and a love of music beyond her years, nineteen-year-old Sarah Reeves is a worship leader who's voice breaks through directly to the heart of each worshipper. Sarah's vision and heart to lead people in worship no matter the setting is revealed through her fresh, honest and redemptive sound. Creating music that will be sung in churches for many years to come, it is clear after experiencing her music how Sarah is quickly becoming a new voice for worshippers around the globe. Lyrics that are authentic, engaging and humble, Sarah's music finds a way to reach people exactly where they are at. Get her debut EP now for less than $5!

Kristian Stanfill Attention


Marked by the same multi-layered, no-boundaries song crafting that make Kristian's live performances unforgettable, ATTENTION offers a stunning, eleven-song collection of fist pumping rock worship anthems, shimmering pop ballads, and reverential hymns.

Go download Free Sheet Music for "Lord Of All" and get the album here for just $6.97! | PO Box 5084, Brentwood, TN 37024-5084

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