Sunday, August 12, 2007

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Free Sheet Music
Hallelujah, God Is Near - Robbie Seay Band
Holding Nothing Back - Tim Hughes & Martin Smith
Beautiful One - Tim Hughes

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Hallelujah, God Is Near with Robbie Seay

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Song Of Hope - Robbie Seay Band
Hallelujah God Is Near - Robbie Seay Band
Holding Nothing Back - Tim Hughes
Beautiul One - Oceans Above

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Our Amazing God

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New CD From Robbie Seay Band on August 28th!

Featured Worship Leader
Robbie Seay Band

A note from Robbie about the song - If you're like me, you spend your days searching for God…waiting on His next move, hoping to get a glimpse of what He will do next. And I'm sure God is going, 'Hello…the sunset yesterday, the laughter of your children, the homeless man asking for food, the lightning storm this morning? Wake up.' This song comes from a sermon that one of our pastors gave. If you're searching for God today and don't know where to begin, look around you…in creation, in people, in the Bible, in the glorious and the mundane things of life…He is near you.

Watch the New Song Cafe and download the Free Sheet Music!

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