Monday, August 27, 2007

I made a mistake... but I found Jesus...

By now, you have probably heard about the NFL professional who was found to be involved in a dogfighting enterprise.

As the story developed, we were shocked to hear that Michael Vick was also accused of being involved in torturing, hanging and drowning dogs.

Today, he gave an apology that was broadcast on the major news outlets. We won’t post his entire apology... just one comment that interested us:

Dog fighting is a terrible thing, and I did reject it. I’m upset with myself, and, you know, through this situation I found Jesus and asked him for forgiveness and turned my life over to God. And I think that’s the right thing to do as of right now.

Hmm... isn’t it interesting how people get in trouble and suddenly they find Jesus.

Paris Hilton was another who got in trouble and... lo and behold... she found Jesus.

We don’t know for sure, but it looks as if she lost Jesus as soon as she got out of jail...

So the question is... did Michael Vick have a conversion experience as a result of this... or was he like another Mike... Mike Tyson... who had a quote-unquote “conversion” in a Baptist church... only to walk outside the church and away from his confession after the smoke had cleared.


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Anonymous said...

There are no aithiest in fox holes.
For his sake I hope that he means it!