Friday, October 29, 2010

Prayer Alert !!!

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DEVELOPING NEWS: Military jets escorted a commercial pasenger jet into JFK Airport, having taken over from Canadian RAF. Authorities are methodically sweeping and clearing cargo flights that were held at U.S. airports in Newark and Philadelphia after foreign law enforcement agencies reported finding suspicious packages from Yemen in London and Dubai.

The found inbound to JFK contains a package from Yemen. The passenger flight was escorted by Canadian F-18s to the U.S. border and had been picked up by two American F-15s.  The flight landed safely. The FBI does not believe passengers were in danger.

In a news conference, President Obama declared that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen) is most probably responsible for the threats. The two suspicious packages examined so far, one in Dubai and one in England, did contain some explosives, wires, and potential detonating devices.  Officials believe the packages were part of a"dry-run" mail-bomb plot to get explosives into the United States. The two packages examined were destined for Jewish centers in Chicago.  All churches, mosques and synagogues have been alerted to be vigilant should they receive any unsolicited or unexpected packages, especially those originating from an overseas location.

Law enforcement agencies are still investigating whether packages found on UPS planes at Philadelphia International Airport, Newark Airport, East Midlands airport in central England, two UPS truck in New York City, and a FedEx facility in Dubai were part of a dry run mail bomb plot.

The FBI reported that two of the suspicious packages were addressed to religious institutions in Chicago.

Law enforcement officials also are investigating a suspicious packages in Portland, Maine. No word on whether that package has any links to UPS or Yemen.

As an additional safety measure, FedEx embargoed all shipments originating from Yemen," said Maury Lane, spokesman for FedEx.  (Sources: Fox News, Washington Times)

As the Lord leads, please pray:
  • Against all efforts of terrorists to ship explosives or bombs into the United States.
  • Thanking God for the safe landing of the pasenger jet.
  • That nothing has "slipped through" that will create danger to people and property.
  • For federal and local law enforcement agencies to be increasingly vigilant.
  • For additional security precautions regarding cargo that are to be set in place by Homeland Security.
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