Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Netanyahu Arrives in Moscow to Discuss Iran Crisis


Joel posts on-line his notes for forthcoming Purim message on "Israel, The Iran Threat, and Lessons From The Book of Esther"

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By Joel C. Rosenberg
(Washington, D.C., February 15, 2010) -- Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Moscow at 2:45am local time for two days of meetings with senior Russian leaders at the Kremlin. His goal: to persuade President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin to support "crippling economic sanctions" against Iran at the U.N., and to promise not to deliver and install the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system that Russia agreed several years ago to sell to Iran. Please pray for Netanyahu and his team.


* Vice President Joe Biden will head to Israel is the next few weeks to coordinate U.S.-Israeli policy against Iran.

* Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was just in Israel over the weekend for meetings with top Israeli defense officials. He warned an Israeli first strike could have "unintended consequences," but pointedly noted that the military option was very much on the table.

* Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, is in Saudi Arabia today and was in Qatar over the weekend urging the Arabs to unify against Iran and promising to defend America's Arab allies if a war with Iran should erupt.

* What does all this mean? I've posted analysis of these events on the weblog.


CALL TO PASTORS TO PREACH ON BOOK OF ESTHER ON FEBRUARY 28 -- At the request of several pastors, I've also posted on-line a draft of my notes for my upcoming Purim message on "Israel, The Iran Threat, and Lessons From The Book of Esther." I'll be delivering this message at a church in Northern Virginia on Sunday, February 28, and at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville on Monday, March 1. If you're a pastor, please prayerfully consider preaching or teaching on the Book of Esther on February 28th, and feel free to use all or part of my notes directly, or as some background as you prepare your own message. Given the seriousness of the moment, I believe it is vital that pastors around the world call followers of Jesus Christ to pray and fast for the peace of Jerusalem, and for the Lord to save and protect the people of Israel, and Iran, and all the people of the epicenter.


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