Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Podcast: The Tax-Free Church

Our latest podcast presents seven minutes (and seven seconds) of wisdom entitled “The Tax-Free Church.”

This was inspired in part by articles in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post about churches that flagrantly violate federal laws and claim that as Christians they have the right to do so. It is big news... and getting bigger as we rapidly approach the 2008 Presidential elections.

Granted, this is a heated and historic Presidential election season... but no where in the Bible does it tell us to back our favorite politician and curse the opposition in church when we should (more importantly) be doing the work of the gospel. You know... feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, preaching good news to those who are captive? Yeah... that sort of thing.

This seven minute podcast is available by clicking the icon below (or, right-click to download the MP3).

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You can also download this message (and other resources) from our download site, http://www.link2power.org.

If you have not seen the CNN video on this topic, the video is posted below:

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