Saturday, March 1, 2008

New CD: Defender!

The Powerhouse Ministry has released its latest CD, an hour of power entitled DEFENDER! This hour of power teaches us that we need not fight, that our battles belong to the Lord! We can lead not with a punch or a kick, but with our praise.
Is there someone in your life who is messing with you? Don’t get mad at them.

Did someone cut you off in traffic? Don’t lose your witness by flipping them off and then letting them see your Jesus bumper sticker.

What should a person do when people try to bring us down... to rob us or cheat us... even try to destroy our lives?

The key is to take your eyes off of people and focus on the true enemy (satan). Then, take the battle to the Lord.

You can defeat more enemies with your praise than with your fists. How?

Listen to this intensive hour of power!

Our core scriptures in this teaching:

  • Proverbs 6:16-19
  • Isaiah 54:16-17
  • 2nd Kings 2
  • 2nd Chronicles 20

After getting into this study, you will be immune to satan's tactics and you will see your enemies fall while God exalts you.

You can find more details about the CD, including audio samples and ordering instructions, by clicking here.
If you would rather not purchase the CD, you may download the audio for free (in six MP3 files) by visiting

Visit the powerhouse for even more audio and printed teaching materials!

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